Wisdom of a (different) child … (part 7)

Irie is 18 months old, and she constantly has me in stitches, which means that she is always making me laugh. She is so funny. The little dances she does, the games she plays and more recently, the things she says. She doesn’t have a big vocabulary yet. She is limited to bellowingohayou‘, ‘akachan‘ and various other simple words. But what warms my heart, each and every day, is when she says, ‘Papa, papa … papa!’ Nothing gives me greater pleasure than hearing her little voice say this word, over and over again.

Anyway, yesterday, as I was brushing my teeth in the utility room, next to the bathroom, she came running in and wanted to brush her 8 little teeth, too. So I gave her little pink toothbrush to her and picked her up so she was the same height as me. On the wall, over my shoulder, is a painting I bought in Vietnam several years ago. As Irie was kind of brushing her teeth, she looked over my shoulder, and suddenly she started excitedly shouting, “Papa, papa, papa!”, pointing at the painting. We looked at it together and, of course, she had me in stitches once more as I realised why she was calling out my name.

Can you see why she was saying “Papa” as she looked at this painting?

Naked woman washing with hair tied up

Naked woman washing with hair tied up

Maybe if you look at the photo below, you might understand! Hehe!

Hontony papa at home

Hontony papa at home

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