everyday japanese products … (1)

You beautiful cow!

You beautiful cow!

In UK English, if you want to insult a girl or a woman, or you become angry with a female because they were rude to you, it is quite common to call them a “cow”. Often, this is preceded by a nasty, negative, adjective such as “stupid”, “silly”, “old”, “ugly” or, perhaps most insultingly of all, “fat”. Sometimes it is just used on its own, as in the following clip from one of the UK’s longest running and best loved, real-life, soap operas, Eastenders.

The reason I say all this is because I recently found a box of “Cow Beauty Soap” in my bathroom, and it reminded me of a time I upset my sister when she came to Japan a few years ago. I bought a packet of three or four Cow Beauty Soaps and gave them to my sister, telling her to take them back to England as a present. As Queen Victoria before her, she was not amused at all! She didn’t speak to me for ages!

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  2. doramakin says:

    Didn’t know such insults…i believe that i learnt ‘proper’ English from you so never had chance to know such bad words đŸ˜‰
    Btw, in German, people seem to use ‘pig’ for insult – ‘Sau’ for women and ‘Schwein’ for men. Luckily, i’ve had no chance to argue with German guys and never called them ‘Schwein’ or been called ‘Sau’ by them.

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