but … if you really wanna learn English … try this site, it’s excellent!


I was having a quick look on the good old Internet, to check out what is happening, and available, for those of you who have some time and motivation (as well as access to a computer!) to study more. And … I came across this excellent website LEO (Learning English Online), which, unbelievably, appears to be totally free! It literally took me one minute to join and upload a profile photo (you don’t have to put a photo, by the way), which gave me access to all the pages – if you don’t register, you only have access to a selection of the pages.

There are some really good things on here such as quizzes, crosswords, common mistakes, grammar tests and pronunciation advice and help. There are also video and audio texts – excellent!

Have a look, and let me know what you think. Don’t worry about the registering process, I didn’t even need to give an email address, or anything, but that may be because I have a Google email account. Good luck! Let me know if you have any difficulties. I will put the link into the study site list on the right of this page. Happy studying!

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One Response to but … if you really wanna learn English … try this site, it’s excellent!

  1. rabbit says:

    Thank you for post. I found it useful especially in ‘free video’ to learn various kinds of English expression in different way in different situation.

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