and the big news of the last seven days was …

Last Friday night, I asked my class what the big news of the week had been in Japan and one student told us the very sad story of how a baby had been abandoned in a Tokyo hotel earlier that same day. Not wanting to end the week talking about something so unhappy, I asked if there had been any other, happier, news. Another student then told us all that Tom Cruise was in Japan, at the mention of this man’s name my eyes slowly, and uncontrollably, closed and I started to fall into a deep sleep. Through the onset of sleep I heard her go on to say something about him flying to Osaka in a specially chartered aeroplane, on which he had invited a large number of fans to talk to. Then I heard a faint voice in the distance, through my dreams, saying that Tom was going to attend a special showing of his new film, Valkyrie, in Otori.

“Otori!” I sat upright immediately, completely awake and attentive now … “Tom Cruise in in Otori! Really? Tom Cruise? Tom Cruise the actor? In Otori? Otori in South Osaka? Where I live? Tom Cruise? Otori!”

“Yes! At the Toho Cinema in Otori,” replied my student, surprised to see her recently snoring teacher suddenly so animated.

“The Toho Cinema, in Otor? I can see that from my kitchen window, about 2 km away!” I cried, more and more excited .

Tom Cruise and family arrive at Tony's apartment and Tom is clearly disappointed to learn that Tony has gone out

Tom Cruise and family arrive at Tony's apartment and Tom is clearly disappointed to learn that Tony has gone out

Hollywood comes to Otori, eh? Not Sakai, as it says in this news report, OTORI! No idea why, although somebody else told me that another meaning of the Japanese word otori comes from the theatre. Does it mean something like the end of the final act during a play? Please let me know if you have any information or knowledge. Meanwhile, I am going back to the Tom Cruise fan website to check on my new hero and see if I can spot any photos of Otori! Maybe he went to have a look at Otori Taishya, and actually SAW my apartment building. Imagine, Tom Cruise saw my apartment building. Hehe.

Click here to read the news story of Tom Cruise in Japan.

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