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sumo sunday

For years now, I have been intending to go down to the Osaka basho at the beginning of Spring, but for one reason or another, usually either work or idleness, I have always missed it. Last year, I was invited … Continue reading

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so … are you worried about your pronunciation?

Steve Martin, with a bad French accent, apparently trying to master American English, in the remake of the Pink Panther movie. What pronunciation difficulties do you have? Have you checked the BBC pronunciation web page? Have you asked your teacher … Continue reading

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and the big news of the last seven days was …

Last Friday night, I asked my class what the big news of the week had been in Japan and one student told us the very sad story of how a baby had been abandoned in a Tokyo hotel earlier that … Continue reading

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but … if you really wanna learn English … try this site, it’s excellent!

I was having a quick look on the good old Internet, to check out what is happening, and available, for those of you who have some time and motivation (as well as access to a computer!) to study more. And … Continue reading

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so … u wanna learn english, huh?

The first time I watched this, last year, I had tears streaming down my face – I thought it was so funny! I used it in one of my classes when we discussed different types of humour. Do you think … Continue reading

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another monday afternoon …

Monday found me up in Kyoto for the first time in years. It is such a beautiful city, and maybe sometimes I forget that. Particularly, I love Kyoto in the evenings, with the lights, and the little streams with the … Continue reading

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sunday morning

I love the early hours of Sunday morning … … especially on a day so perfect as last Sunday, with nobody in the streets and the sun rising into the cold air above the trees of Otori Taishya. I looked … Continue reading

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