do u know iKnow?

Recently, I have heard a lot of people talking about iKnow, which is a social website that teaches English to Japanese (and other nationalities). I had a look at the website, and really is excellent with lots of different features. In fact, when I eventually have some free time, I may use it for studying Japanese!

Here you can see it in action in a lesson about typing under dictation …

And here there seems to be an application testing word recognition and brain speed …

If you have had any good or bad experiences using iKnow, please share them with us!

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4 Responses to do u know iKnow?

  1. Saki says:

    I did not know it! sounds interesting!
    I have joined the Iknow although I don’t know how to use it.
    I tryed Listening section. It was funny and useful!
    Thank you for telling a nice website to study English!

  2. Con perdón de la audiencia japonesa: ¡Es cojonudo!
    I can remember my confused (and confusing) English and begin to learn a few words in Japanese.
    Thanks a lot. In Cantinflas words: “cenquiuverimuchi”.

  3. tonybrace says:

    hi saki … have u worked out how to use it yet? yeah … it is important for u to practise listening outside the classroom … try to make sure u find listening tasks that have a script so that u can check ur understanding … or at least a set task with answers … which reminds me … i haven’t posted the script for james’ interview yet … strange that nobody asked for it … it is quite time consuming writing scripts of interviews … BTW … some of the other sites … like ELLLO … have good listening activities too … see u later

  4. tonybrace says:

    side show bob … u are crazy man! but thx for ur comments … keep em coming!

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