100s of reasons why I love Osaka …

I am not sure where this TV programme comes from – maybe Australia – but it is called Street Food, and this episode focuses on Osaka! It’s about 25 minutes in total, for both parts. There are lots of things to enjoy about the programme, all the familiar sights and sounds of our city, which we all know so well!

The thing that I found most interesting of all was the origins of the Japanese word horumon, which is used for the various parts of the stomach, what in English we would call offal. I was also interested in the presenter’s theory of how this single word has brought the Korean community closer to the Japanese, helping to build relations between the two communities . I am not sure I believe it, but it is an interesting idea. Let me know if you think it is true, or if you have any other comments.

Here are some questions for you to think about as you watch. I have given some questions for different levels. Enjoy the programme as much as I did – you will probably feel hungry after watching! I will post the answers in a couple of days! đŸ™‚

Questions for part 1

Elementary level

1. Which places do they visit in the programme
2. Which foods do they try?
3. Which is Osaka’s most famous food?
4. What is another name for fugu?


1. How many people live in Osaka according to the show?
2. How many km is Osaka from Tokyo?
3. What is the special fish eaten in Osaka, again, according to the show?
4. Where is the main place for street food in Osaka?
5. How many people have died from eating fugu?


1. What is the origin of the word horumon when talking about food?
2. Osaka is known as the ______________ of Japan? Why?
3. What does the film say about Osaka people?
4. How has horumon helped to build relationships between the Korean community and the local people?
5. What is the origin of Osaka counter culture?
6. Which two parts of the fugu fish are poisonous?
7. What happens if you eat the poisonous part of fugu?

Questions for part 2


1. Osaka is also known as the ______________ capital of Japan?
2. Which school do they talk about?
3. Which kind of foreign food shop is becoming popular in Japan?
4. What is bento?
5. Which food do the Yakuza like according to the show? Why?
6. What do you need to have to join the Yakuza according to the show?
7. Where does the presenter have her tattoo?


1. Why was whale meat popular in the past?
2. How long has there been a ban on whale hunting?
3. How many students are there at the culinary institute?
4. Which person’s job don’t you expect to see in a bread shop?
5. Which parts of the eel does the presenter put in the bento box? What other things does the presenter put in the box?
6. What does a chef need to have to prepare fugu?
7. How are Tokyo Yakuza different from Osaka Yakuza?
8. Why does the presenter say that these men agreed to show her their tattoos?
9. What does she have in common with the Yakuza men?


1. What negative aspect of the ban on whale hunting does the chef mention?
2. What is the aim of the culinary institute?
3. How is japanese food different from other international cuisines?
4. How does the presenter suggest that the popularity of bread and cakes might affect Japanese life in the future?
5. How did the homeless problem in Osaka (or Japan) begin?
6. What was the original role of the Yakuza?
7. Why did cutting off the end of the little finger affect the ability to fight?
8. How do the Yakuza compare themselves to fugu?
9. How have tattoos affected Yakuza life?

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6 Responses to 100s of reasons why I love Osaka …

  1. hawe69 says:

    i tune in AFC (Asian Food Channel) *when my boy don’t watch that Cartoon Network Channel*, and once able to watch japanese cuisine..
    it’s very interesting, how detail they are, and really make it an art.

  2. Mrs Davies says:

    Oh, this post really really made me missing Japan!!!

    I miss shio takoyaki from Takotako King…

  3. tonybrace says:

    Congratulations Mrs Davies!!!!

    You are the 100th comment on the honTony blog … and your special prize is a family ticket to the Tokyo swimming (?) pool shown on the most recent posting! You will need to use the ticket by the end of December and it is advised that you take your own rubber ring and make your own way to Tokyo – no transport allowance. Please contact me directly in order to claim your outstanding prize!

    Well done again from the honTony team!!

  4. tonybrace says:


    have you been to japan? planning a visit? how old is your son? look forward to welcoming you to this great foody city!

  5. Nutritious girl says:

    Hi! Tony! Long time no see!
    It’s an interesting TV program. Aljazeera TV?

    This is just Osaka but not real Osaka, I think.

    Endo sushi restaurant in central food market
    was so delicious before but now…only expensive…

    See you !

  6. tonybrace says:

    @nutritious girl … thanks for the tip about the sushi shop … where have u been by the way? we have all missed you!

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