Wisdom of a child … (5)

These past few days have been absolutely gorgeous with clear blue skies, the sun shining down, and fresh cool breezes blowing through the trees, causing a few more leaves to flutter gently to the ground: I love this time of the year in Japan.

Sunday lunchtime, I took the kids down to Daisenkouen near Mozu station, it’s only 10 minutes from my house on the train and a great place to spend the afternoon, whatever your interests – particularly on one of these glorious, sunny autumn days.

falling leaves beneath the trees

falling leaves beneath the trees

fantastic colours of the fallen leaves

fantastic colours of the fallen leaves

We wandered around the park, had lunch by the lake and then played in the children’s area till it was time to head home: both kids were sleepy by now.

On the train coming home, Hugo looked at the priority seat in front of us with interest. Just at that moment, an old lady got on the train using a walking stick to help her, and sat down opposite us.

priority seat pattern

priority seat pattern

The boy looked at the old lady with her stick, and turned back once more to study the seat cover where we were sitting.

Papa! These seats are for old people with sticks, right? And for people with hurting legs?

“That’s right, son! And you should always give up your seat for people who need it more than you do.”

I know papa, you always tell me the same thing, papa.”

“Who else are these seats for then, Hugo?” I asked him, innocently.

“Mamas with babies and big fatty people like you papa!” He replied, perhaps innocently, but I am not sure any more!

Another lovely afternoon! 🙂

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3 Responses to Wisdom of a child … (5)

  1. hawe69 says:

    hahaha… i luv how Hugo intrepert the picture.. he’s correct anyway..the colour represent the pregnant women should be red instead of blue.. so not mistakenly with a-fatty-male..hahaha..

  2. jajajajajaja
    don’t ask children
    you’ll live much better, jajajajajaja
    old and fat?
    wellcome to the club

  3. tonybrace says:

    but i am NOT fat … hehe … hawe69 … i don’t buy all that stuff about men being blue and women being pink or red … isn’t that like social conditioning … whatever … always hear that argument in japan from pregnant couples … they wanna know the sex of the baby in advance so they can buy “the right colour clothes” … right colour clothes? tell me what’s wrong with yellow?

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