Musical memories … (2)

Like most kids, I guess I found music through my family, around the age of 8 or 9. I can vividly remember the piles of old albums that my grandparents owned, and I spent endless hours with my younger sister rooting through their collection, which centred mainly on the 1940s and 1950s. There was all the big band stuff, and a little bit of jazz, but what struck me most was the rock ‘n’ roll. Despite the efforts of Carl Perkins and Gene Vincent though, there was really only one voice who we came back to time and time again: Elvis Presley, the King. I am not a huge Elvis fan, as many people are, but he was one of the doorways to music in my childhood, and for that reason I never tire of hearing his music. I remember clearly the Sunday morning of the day he died, in the summer of 1977, at the tragically young age of 42. Almost exactly a year later, my grandma died at an almost equally young age. Those two deaths had a great impact on my young self, and within another couple of years, another childhood icon was dead too: John Lennon.

The video I attach below shows Elvis at his physical peak. I can’t imagine a more attractive man than the one in the clips here. He was just returning to being an outright singer, having just made 29 films for Hollywood. Though his artistic greatness may well have disappeared before the films started, this Youtube video clearly shows a man who was a born entertainer. A great, great voice, and a handsome man to boot. This is one of my favourite Elvis songs, and one of the reasons I continue with my amateur guitar practice – it’s called “Guitar Man”, and this TV show was recorded in 1968, when Elvis would have been 33 years old.

Just enjoy it for what it is. 🙂 This just makes me smile and wanna go to karaoke! Yeah!

Long live the King!

For the lyrics to this song, click here.

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2 Responses to Musical memories … (2)

  1. tmm says:

    Is the back of this stage picture or real him? I love his voice!

  2. tonybrace says:

    the scenery is lots of dancers and actors i guess … his voice is wonderful … i agree!

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