Musical memories … (1)

Students are always asking me what my favourite kinds of music are: I like almost anything, basically. But it got me thinking, I keep promising some kind of radio podcast, but then I thought, why not just use Youtube for now, and introduce you to some of the music that has had an effect on me and my life.

So, I am kicking off with a song by a band called Magazine, from Manchester. I grew up near this northern city, and in 1978 when the record came out, I was 13 years old, and I still remember the sixth-form boys at school wearing the band’s badges. It was just after the punk rock explosion, and excitement about music was still high. Four or five years later, when I started going to clubs in Manchester on the weekend, places like the famous Hacienda, this song was still being played. When I hear it now, which is often, it takes me back to those times and the people I knew then. Music does that to me, there is like a soundtrack to my life and this song will always be part of that soundtrack. If you haven’t heard it before, you might be surprised how modern it sounds 30 years after its release. If you have heard it before, listen to it again and just enjoy. Sorry it cuts off right in the middle of the guitar solo! Bloody BBC Top of the Pops! 😦

MAGAZINE – SHOT BY BOTH SIDES (1978) an absolute classic

For more info about the band and the song click here

For the song lyrics click here

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