Wisdom of a child … part 3

As I was taking my kids quickly to nursery this morning through the windy streets on the mamachari, breaking the law (again) in the process, a woman coming the other way nearly crashed into us. I told her to be careful and watch where she was going, five-year old Hugo on the back said, “Why you say that, Papa?” I answered that the woman could see there was a tiny baby girl on the front and little healthy lad on the back, so she should be more careful. My son just said, “And a big fatty man in the middle.”

Life just gets better and better, eh? 😦

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2 Responses to Wisdom of a child … part 3

  1. doramakin says:

    Hahahahahaha!!! Your son is quite right!…isn’t he?

  2. tonybrace says:

    Thanks for your laughter Doramakin … it keeps me awake at night!!

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