Some hontony advice …

A new feature of the honTony blog space will be to make advice about study skills absolutely clear by putting them in a bright yellow box! 🙂 That way they will be unmissable, I will also link them to the category “Advice”.

In future, advice boxes may be big or small, but they are there to help you in your studies. If you have any questions about this or anything else, don’t forget that the honTony blog space exists to answer any of your questions.

Reading (and listening) advice


Background knowledge is the knowledge that you have about the world. Your knowledge is indvidual to you, and is based on your feelings, opinions and, of course, your experiences.

When you choose something to read, the knowledge you have about that subject will help you to understand more through predicting content, by your expectations of what you are going to read.

Looking at the headings and photos, or asking yourself what you know about the subject is similar to what we do in the classroom to help students deal with a reading (or listening) text.

So, when you choose something to read it might be better to choose topics or themes that you are interested in – because even the background knowledge that you have in your own language can help you understand English.


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