Wisdom of a child … part 2

The other day, after returning from Okinawa, my wife and I had a small disagreement over some housework, the usual kind of thing that husbands and wives often argue about. It wasn’t a big deal, and was soon forgotten.

However, five-year-old Hugo, watching TV, but listening to everything, paused his film and looked round and spoke to me directly, only me.

“Papa. You chose to marry mama, and if you choose to marry someone, you shouldn’t argue – you should look after them.”

He is right, as always! 🙂 So, there you are!

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10 Responses to Wisdom of a child … part 2

  1. NAOKO says:

    Hello. Tony,

    He is matured because his Papa is not???
    BTW, sounds nice that you & ur family went to Okinawa!!!

  2. TO says:

    What a lovely boy Hugo is!
    Do you know the Japanese saying,‘Ko wa kasugai’? Though it might originally have a bit different meaning, we could apply it to this case, too. ‘Kasugai’ is a clamp. The saying means
    it is children who form the ties that keep parents together.
    Looking forward to next wisdom of a child.

  3. jajajajajajajaja.
    In Spain a good boy always say:
    Papá cállate que no se oye la tele!!!!
    They are much better than we will.

  4. tonybrace says:

    what our spanish friend is trying to say is that in spain a good boy says …

    “Papa, shut-up … I can’t hear the TV …”

    Thanks side-show bob for the cultural education! 🙂

  5. tonybrace says:

    Yes Naoko-san … but don’t children always try to be the opposite of their embarrassing parents?

  6. tonybrace says:

    @ TO

    in english we have the same kind of expression … or at least you often hear people say that they stayed together for the kids … and I think it is true in some cases … but … in my opinion … far too many people get divorced too quickly these days … without considering the harm it can do to the children … or too many children grow up in single-parent families … and while I know some very stable people who have grown up in those circumstances … ‘absent fathers’ has been cited in many research papers as one of the main causes of juvenile problems in the inner-city … especially amongst young men who lack a role-model in their lives … i wish more people would consider the children’s feelings …

  7. NAOKO says:

    Hi. Yes I think so, too. So if my parents had been silly & crazy, I would have been clever and considerable.

    However, I have a cousin, whose paretns divorced. Her Mum took care of her and she does not know her dad’s face even now.
    she & her Mum have lots of stories. Her Mum divorced again & again. Also she gave up Uni because of her Mum’s illness… and so on, so on. Obviously I understood she is more considerable, thoughtful than me even I am a small kid. Because she was never angry at anyone, never lost her temper and never said “No” if someone asked her to do something.
    I now think she tried to be a good girl because she wanted to make her Mum happy. Maybe it is because her Mum minded her very well and it is relationship between Mum & daughter, not Dad & daughter or not Mum & son. So I mean, lack of parents does not lead people to crimes, yet it might be a part of trigger. Probably, tiny reasons are piled up and these cause people to make cruel crimes.

    I have not written such a serious matter since came to Singapore. It is just like a homework in Current Affairs in BC. hahaha.

  8. NAOKO says:

    I am a bit confused now. I checked what I wrote and I think no one can understand my writing.
    (My cousin is very good in spite of absent dad & did not make crime.

    What I wanted to say is that
    – There are good people even though their parents divorced.
    – Lack of family member is not only main reason for serious crime. Still, it could be one of reason to cause crime. Maybe my cousin did not have other reasons and she was very good.

    Now you see what I mean?

  9. tmm says:

    maybe I think what important thing to one’s life is love (of mother/father or someone else)
    That would influence on one’s thoughts or worthness or moral in their future.

  10. The 3th Cabrón says:

    Be carefull with this man, is a big CABRÓN in Japón.

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