In the news today … (1)

Did you see this?

Embarrassingly, this is an Englishman apparently. But not one of your British Council teachers … I don’t think! 🙂

How was this new story reported on Japanese TV, or in the newspapers? Would like to hear your comments. Mrs Hontony didn’t know about it! 😦

Skinny dipping! (swimming with no clothes on – naked!)

Monkey Business

And what about this? Have you seen this news item? What the hell is going on here? Would you like to eat here? Leave your comments … 🙂

More monkey business …

And this? Did that policeman really think he could catch a huge, angry and probably scared monkey with a little green butterfly (or little boy’s insect) net?

Would love to hear your comments about what the Japanese news said about these stories.

Also, if there are any other funny news stories you have seen recently, please put the weblink on a comment and share it with us. 🙂

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3 Responses to In the news today … (1)

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  2. Cuando leí en el periódico que un inglés estaba haciendo el indio pensé: “Sin duda ha sido Tony”.
    Pero las fotos decían lo contrario. Aunque mi corazón sabe que nosotros podríamos haber hecho algo peor.

  3. tonybrace says:

    our spanish friend … side-show bob … said that when he read in the newspaper about the man who jumped in the moat around the royal palace in tokyo he thought it was without doubt … Tony … me!! he then says that clearly the photos showed it wasn’t me and that his heart says we could have done something much worse … what is he talking about …

    anyway side-show … apparently the man was SPANISH!!!! 🙂

    so what were u doing in tokyo last week?

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