Wisdom of a child … part 1

Woke up early today. Didn’t sleep well as usual. Actually, worse than usual – today was ‘undoukai‘ (sports day) at my kids’ hoykushyou (state nursery for working parents) and every year I get nervous. This year doubly nervous ‘cos I had to do all of my daughter’s activities too: thank the lord there was no Anpanman dance this year! 🙂

Anyway, what a beautiful morning it was. Blue skies and a cool breeze, and the infectious feeling that comes with sports day: excitement! As I cycled to the nursery with the kids, breaking the law with one on the front and one on the back on my mamachari, I said to Hugo behind me, “What a beautiful day, Hugo!”

“Why papa?”

“Well, because of the blue sky and the cool breeze and the flowers, and because it’s sports day!”

“But papa …”

“Yes …?”

“… every day is a beautiful day, papa!” came his little voice from behind me full of wonder.

I wanted to cry.

Sharing a pair of shorts on a beautiful day

Sharing a pair of shorts on a beautiful day

Off to Okinawa tomorrow to wait for the typhoon … back next Thursday, speak to you then.

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