Looking forward …

I haven’t been very busy on the blog the last few days and for that I am sorry! This is the last week of the summer term and this is usually a busy time for teachers, writing reports, attending meetings and doing all the other things that needed finishing before we have our break.

Most of you will have seen the UK Experience paragraph writing display in the public space – that took a lot of hard work over the past couple of weeks to organise, but I think it was worth it! 🙂 There were over 80 entries for the competition from all levels in the centre, which was a great effort. The winners will be chosen tomorrow, and, hopefully, all being well, published on the blog after the weekend.

We are already looking forward to next term and the social events calendar is beginning to take shape. The Xmas party plans are underway and you will be able to read more about that as soon as we have more information.

Those who know me will understand how disappointed I am that another typhoon slipped by unnoticed after promising so much. That said, I am off to Okinawa next week with my family in search of typhoon weather. Before that, on Saturday 27th, I have my children’s undoukai at their nursery – I usually end up having to do some Anpan-man kind of dance (badly) in front of all the parents and kids … I always feel really nervous! 🙂

Anyone got any tips for Okinawa? Would love to hear from you.

Also, now we are having a two week break, most of you won’t have another lesson for 3 weeks, so over the next weeks check back to the blog and I will try and keep you amused and interested with more postings, and, of course, if you have any questions or comments – post them for me … that’s what this blog is for.

Look forward to hearing from you soon … will be working on my radio-style broadcast over the next few days, so stay tuned to the honTony blog space 🙂

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2 Responses to Looking forward …

  1. Pero qué tío!
    Es otoño, al fin, y las hojas caen, y el orujo de mi suegro está esperando un amigo con quien compartir las horas de frío.

  2. tonybrace says:

    @ Side Show Bob

    la verdad que el otono es mi temporado preferido … por aqui en japon es precioso cuando las hojas se cambien sus colores … y tambien hace bastante calor por el dia …

    @ other bloggers

    i said that autumn is my favourite season … and here in japan it is beautiful when the leaves change colours … and still it is quite warm in the daytime

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