This is a short film I made a few years ago when I had just bought my video camera. I fixed the video inside the car on a tripod, and drove to the city and back to my house one rainy night, just for fun! And to make this film, of course! 🙂

I played around on my mac and speeded the film up a lot. The music which is playing is by a band that I really liked when I was a teenagerNew Order, from Manchester. This is one of their later songs called ‘Crystal‘. See if you recognise any places on the video and let me know if you like it. I haven’t watched it for a long time, but I was reminded of it when I watched the video on the previous posting.


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6 Responses to Speed

  1. TO says:

    Hey speedster
    I like it. The music goes well with your video. You’re talented. Cool. I’m interested in what car you’re driving. Mazda?
    New Order. I used to listen to lots of UK music when I was a teenager. Rainbow, Queen, Deep purple, Joe Jackson, Boomtown Rats, Police, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, David Bowie, Eurythmics, so various eh?

  2. Nori says:

    Hey, this one is great! I like New Order too!
    I was influenced by British music when I was a teenager.
    The first English song I listened was The Beatles. I must have been around 7. My sister had liked it when she was younger.

    Are there any latest cool bands you recommend?

  3. tonybrace says:


    thanks for ur support … i will think about music some more as i am planning to make a kind of radio-style podcast for the blog in which i will play all kinds of music i like and chat about why i like the different songs and styles … but if anyone has any requests that would be great … but to answer ur question … i think recently i have been listening to more american music 🙂 … can i say that?

    you know this band?


  4. tonybrace says:

    @ TO

    various? dunno .. but very typical early 1980s … 🙂 … liked bowie quite a bit but the other groups maybe a coupla tracks … u like early floyd or the later stuff? NOT a fan of dire straits, rainbow, deep purple or the boomtown rats really … wait for my podcast … gonna play all the music i like … with commentary … thanks for ur comments

  5. Hay mucho cabrón suelto que se cree artista porque se dejó la cámara encendida mientras volvía borracho a casa.
    One day I remember we didn’y think about children and beer was a good lover.
    One day I remember we dreamed in being artists.
    The day is now, artists with the house plenty of babes.
    Y pensamos que grabar el llanto de un niño es arte, y pensamos que hacer poesía de sus sonrisas es arte.

    (One day I’ll learn to speak english as a fuc…londontown boy)

  6. tonybrace says:

    To those of you who don’t read Spanish, what our blog friend from Spain is saying is that my video is wonderful, and that really I should be making videos professionally – gracias side-show bob!

    At the end of his comment, he is talking rubbish about babies and art … I will have to talk to him privately! 🙂

    To those of you who can read Spanish, you will know that I am (half) lying about what our friend, SSB, is saying.

    @ sideshow bob

    el cabron eres tu 🙂

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