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Hi everyone – I thought I should point out that the Blog Roll space at the top right of this page is where I am going to put web links which I think might be useful for you for using English outside of the classroom.

So far, I have put links to the British Council and BBC websites where there are lots of ways for you to practise your English skills: listening, grammar, vocabulary etc. The BBC also now has a pronunciation page, which is excellent. It is similar in some ways to the BC pronunciation software on the computers in the Osaka centre, which of course cannot be accessed at home.

I have also provided a link to a couple of other sites, including another blog written by an Englishman living in Osaka, which was recommended by one of my colleagues – it’s quite funny at times, and he just writes about what he has been doing in and around Osaka. It is not me by the way – I am a Welshman!! 🙂 I also put a link to an online thesaurus which you might want to look at for helping with vocabulary.

However, over the coming weeks maybe I will have a closer look at some of these sites and talk about how you can use them more effectively. But why don’t you start looking at them and using them now. Any questions, please ask! 🙂

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2 Responses to Blog Roll

  1. Keiko says:

    “An English man in Osaka” blog is extremely funny, I like it very much the witty sense of humour.

    I especially like “offensive english test” – TOEOC(Test of English for Offensive Communication), it has many offensive words that I can’t learn in the British Council.

    It really makes me laugh!

  2. tonybrace says:


    yes … it’s funny! i am glad u like it … i have to be more careful on this blog about what people say … including myself of course … 🙂

    anyway … keep checking in … and if u see anything funny or otherwise please let us all know …

    honTony cheers for taking time to comment!

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